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Is GRASTEK Right For Your Child?

Are symptoms at their worst during grass pollen season (spring and summer)?

Tnotherapy to treat Timothy and related grass pollen allergies that can cause sneezing, runny or itchy nose, stuffy or congested nose, or itchy and watery eyes. GRASTEK may be prescribed for persons 5 through 65 years of age who are allergic to grass pollen.

GRASTEK is taken for about 12 weeks before the grass pollen season and throughout the grass pollen season. GRASTEK may also be taken daily for 3 years to provide a sustained effect for a fourth year in which you do not have to take GRASTEK.

GRASTEK is NOT a medication that gives immediate relief of symptoms of grass allergy.

Grastek Grass Allergy for Kids

GRASTEK is the only oral immunotherapy tablet that’s been approved by the FDA for adults and children as young as 5 years of age.

GRASTEK® Timothy Grass Pollen Allergen Extract Tablet for Sublingual Use

GRASTEK is a different form of allergy immunotherapy

Are symptoms at their worst during grass pollen season (spring and summer)?
Instead of a shot, GRASTEK is a once-a-day tablet made of natural Timothy grass pollen. It dissolves quickly when placed under the tongue. After taking GRASTEK, your child shouldn’t swallow for at least 1 minute. Kids should only take GRASTEK with adult supervision.

Start GRASTEK before grass allergy season starts

Because immunotherapy may take time to work, children should start taking GRASTEK at least 12 weeks before grass allergy season starts. Give your child GRASTEK once every day for as long as your allergy specialist instructs you. Taking a tablet of Timothy grass pollen daily may help your child gradually build tolerance so your child can become less sensitive to grass pollen.

Why the first dose is taken in the allergy specialist’s office

After being given the first tablet of GRASTEK, your child will be watched by a health care professional for at least 30 minutes for symptoms of a serious allergy reaction. If the first dose is tolerated, you can continue to give your child GRASTEK at home – 1 tablet, every day.